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21st - 22nd September

2015 Award Winners

The inaugural Asia Pacific MICE Awards Ceremony 2015 was held on the evening of 10th September at the MICE Asia Expo. The awards were handed out to recognise achievements by those who have played a defining role in delivering exceptional quality, service, innovation, and more importantly, in driving the MICE industry forward.

The awards were judged by leading event organisers, national tourism bodies, communication agencies and MICE publications from throughout Asia Pacific (full details here). The event was inundated with numerous entries from throughout the region and this made for a very tight competition.

The voters were tallied up and the winners were announced based on majority vote decision. The rationale the judges gave for picking the winning entries have been summarized below along with the winning entries.

Best New Event 2014-2015
To qualify for the best new event, the subject of the entry must have taken place between 2014-2015. The judges were looking at a few things here: the degree of novelty and innovation demonstrated in the concept of this event, if the event managed to meet the needs of the customer base, and the overall quality of delivering this event in the aspects of planning and executing this event.
The winner of this award had an original and creative concept with a clear objective and was described by our judges as innovative, dynamic, and with a touch of local flavor.

Winner: The Ate Group!

Best Conference
This award focuses on the whole experience of the conference, from planning to execution. It’s important to see if the event achieved the aims they set out, whether it be service to its members, moving it's agenda forward, or financial returns. More importantly, it's whether the conference provided attendees with a good experience in terms of the speakers, quality of presentations, information provided to them, venue, and service.
The winner had exactly this; it was informative for the delegates and clear in what they set out to do, tackling the existing issues head on and showed great examples in overcoming this adversity and other issues that lie ahead. The Asian Financial Services Congress looks set to become a hallmark event within the industry in the coming years.

Winner: IDC Financial Insights.

Best Event Sales & Marketing Campaign
The judges were looking for the campaign that directly impacted on the result of the event and was clear in the objective it set out to achieve. This includes the campaign clearly bringing out the key points and themes of the event as well as how marketing and promotional efforts were carried out based on the campaign.
This company had interesting tactics and initiatives, and in their entry showed good use of the sales and marketing techniques they carried out with clear examples. They also demonstrated additional results gained through the use of social media campaigns.

Winner: TeamAsia!

Event Team of the Year
Being passionate and striving to create new event experiences for clients and guests are the important elements that judges are looking for to be the event team of the year. A company should value their diversity and contributions of all team members.
The winner has demonstrated fabulous team work and shown great examples of the benefits of a close team and how it can overcome any obstacle while working honestly with clients. Together, they have grown, strived and created memorable moments for their guests and team.

Winner: Resorts World Sentosa.

Best Event Conference Series
The panel were looking for an event that not only delivered a good experience but results for their attendees and exhibitors after the event (for example product awareness, overall enjoyment of the event, business prospects, or sales resulted from it. The event also had to benefit the sector or industry in the long run.
This conference has been going on for quite some years now and has been a challenging one. It has an admirable cause which includes promoting the Chinese written language and the involvement of children. The growth of the World Book Day event has been exceptional over the years, with good youth engagement and a great impact on the society.

Winner: Dream Solutions Pte Ltd.

Exhibition Venue of the Year
The award focuses on the location, team equipment, technical service quality, operational usage opportunities, parking lot and ancillary services.
It is no doubt that the winning exhibition venue is a flexible and functional venue in a good location. The judges were impressed by its multifunctionality and adaptability to difference scale of events, also its advancement in technology. The ecosystem around the venue has been great for businesses with hotels, catering and shopping nearby.

Winner: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Hotel & Event Facilities of the Year
As we always say, it’s simply down to the experience of your guest and this hotel gives you exactly this. Its luxurious and palatial style gives the guests a unique feeling simply when entering the hotel. The state-of-the-art facilities and high culinary expertise in the property also checks the remaining boxes and would be a great place for guests whether it’d be for leisure or for a scheduled event.

Winner: Galaxy Macau

Best Conference Venue
A conference venue that is easily accessible and in a prime location can often be a deciding factor. A venue needs to set the right tone for a conference to ensure that delegates leave with the right impression about the host. An extra component that it is becoming increasingly essential for a good conference venue is technology. With the rise of the mobile workforce and the need to stay connected while on the move, the technology requirements for events and meetings have evolved.
The winning conference venue has the size and capabilities to handle what different conferences require in a bespoke manner. Their infrastructure also differentiates their venue by giving delegates a memorable experience that they would not forget.

Winner: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Best Event Networking Venue
A good networking event venue can really enhance the networking experience and help attendees make meaningful connections. To make sure your networking event venue gives your event the edge it should be: Unique, Accessible, Open, Comfortable, and Fun.
The winning networking venue was able to show the uniqueness, creativity and to provide the best networking platform allowing all attendees’ to focus simply on mingling with their co-attendees. An important aspect of networking is keeping people together and ensuring that they’re comfortable so what better way to do that than to put them on a ship!

Winner: Tallship Adventures Pte Ltd!

Most Inspiring MICE Venue
One of the most critical aspects of any successful MICE event is the inspiration that can be found and feeling galvanized from beyond the MICE venue itself. An inspiring venue gives you the meeting experience like no other.
What the judges were looking for is a unique, creative and something out of the ordinary. The winner is inspiring indeed and great for closing bigger partnerships. It helps event planners combine an impressive venue with a unique experience as it would be a MICE event on board! Come on back up on stage.

Winner: Tallship Adventures Pte Ltd!

Best Event Technology
The product or service being submitted must relate to work performed during or relating to the delivering of an event. Judges were looking for the technology that helped improve the quality during the event, the level of which the product or service was innovative, and the actual impact of the technology while being used at the event.
This category was incredibly close, but our judges managed to come to a final decision. The software was not only user-friendly with a variety of features but have allowed their clients to realize that technology can indeed improve efficiency and eliminate what day-to-day event managers and delegates face by seamlessly integrating this into their clients’ events.

Winner: DoubleDutch!

Best Event Supplier / Contractor
One of the important points behind every successful event is the reliability of your vendors and suppliers, therefore this category is aimed at recognizing the company that has delivered outstanding service and added great value for their client.
The judges were very impressive with the use of the winner's technology for a major high profile event G20. The short turnaround time and what they delivered was impressive. The work on the G20 was great and we were able to see how the products were sourced with the ease this company brought to carry this out. This was an incredible task of doing the G20 with all types of technology, but a particular mention to the SI equipment. Congress Rental Asia was a critical component to the overall success of the G20 Summit.

Winner: Congress Rental Asia!

Best Event Entertainment
While always being forgotten, this is definitely an important aspect of an event. The nominees of this category would be judged based on its level of innovation in its acts as well as ensuring that the act or entertainment improves the overall quality of the event.
The winner has an impressive portfolio of events and clients and for each of them, is able to provide a unique experience for their visitors. Not only the creativity and innovation they customize for each client, but also in adding and integrating a piece of local culture into the experience.

Winner: Destination Asia

Best Event Management Company
The judges were looking out to see if the entrant has achieved their event objectives in the aspects of project planning, teamwork, and leadership while ensuring that the event was of a high quality for their clients.
The winner of this award is quite a young company, but despite this, has demonstrated in their portfolio the quality of service and strong experience they bring through the various small to large projects they handle.

Winner: CSquare Creative Communications!

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