An Interview with the Star Performing Arts Centre

The Star Performing Arts Centre is the latest addition to Singapore’s vibrant events and shows scene, opened in November 2012. With its iconic architecture, 5000-seat capacity, and advanced technological equipment, the Star instantly established itself as a pioneer in Singapore’s MICE industry. The Star will be exhibiting at MICE Asia Pacific Exhibition 2014, organised by Oliver Kinross. Here is a sneak peek of what the Star has to offer, in our interview with Ms Sarah Lim, the Star PAC’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

‘The Star itself is an integrated hub’, says Ms. Lim. Indeed, the Star is a spectacle. Not only does it feature a collection of performance and event spaces, including the first 5,000-seat theatre in Singapore, a multipurpose hall, an outdoor amphitheatre, a rooftop reception area, and supporting spaces, the Star also features a retail mall, the Star Vista, located beneath the performing arts centre. It also has a stunning appearance, featuring an award-winning design, and stunning architecture by Andrew Bromberg of Aedas.

The Star saw its granding opening in November 2012, and is only about one and a half years old. However, it has already hosted many famous international stars. Some examples of the artists that have graced the stage of the Star Theater include David Foster, Tony Bennett, Norah Jones, Miss-A, Luna Sea, the XX, and Ellie Goulding. But despite the pop concerts, the Star PAC has also seen other types of events, such as convocations, corporate, meetings, inspirational talks, and other types of performance.

‘It is a very versatile space, because the stage is able to accomodate different types of events,’ says Ms Lim. The versatility and flexibility of the Star is indeed one of its great strengths. The 5,000-seat Star PAC is thoughtfully designed to allow the scaling-down of the performing space.

‘Even for hirers who are only looking for 2000-seats, they will be able to just take up the stalls in the Star Theatre, and they can move up according to their ticket sales,’ says Ms. Lim.The flexibility offered for the hirers and event promoters can help them to manage costs and risks that come with the unpredictability in ticket sales, and is definitely a strong advantage when event planners consider the venue.

Other features explain how the Star was able to attract so many famous artists to perform at its venue in such a short period of time.

‘We have invested heavily in the technological capabilities of the Star Theatre,’ says Ms. Lim. ‘We want to offer event-goers a unique experience, an audio-visual feat.’ The Star Theatre has top-quality technology in terms of the audio, visual, lighting, and staging aspects. It also offers comprehensive back of house support, with facilities like reception rooms, dressing rooms, and dance studios. The venue is also equipped with HD live broadcast capability, allowing it to offer quality recording.

The Star’s unique structure as an integrated hub, featuring a mall below the performing arts centre, also offers another attraction to event-goers. ‘Patrons and events attendees have a lot of choices for pre- and post-event activities including restaurants, coffee-joints, retail outlets. It completes the whole event-going experience for the patrons,’ says Ms. Lim.

With these unique strengths, Ms. Lim expresses confidence in the Star Theatre going forward. ‘I think everyone of us knows that Singapore is a regional hub, it’s a premium business and MICE destination, mostly because it offers political stability and pro-business policies, strong infrastructure, and technology support. So, with the rise of new venues, especially in recent years due to the high demands, of course the market will become increasingly competitive,’ she says. ‘But with our unique capacity, I think we already are in a unique, strong positioning in the market.’

Coming to MICE Asia Exhibition 2014 is part of the Star PAC’s strategy to further attract more great events and artists to its venue. ‘When we first found out about the MICE Exhibition, we were quite excited as we think it would be a platform for us to reach out to event organisers and promoters or event professionals in the Asia Pacific region to create a for the Star PAC. We hope to begin building our brands, take the opportunity to introduce the unique arts and perfomring centre that we have, generate some sales leads, and hopefully to bring more exciting events to the venue,’ says Ms. Lim.

To contact the Star PAC, please visit their website: You may also visit their exhibition booth at MICE Asia Pacific Exhibition 2014. Visit our official website: and follow us on twitter @mice_asia_expo for more details and updates.

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