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Three Alternative Remedies That Truly Work

Homeopathy and alternative medicines have been the rival of the medical-pharmaceutical industry. People seem to forget that in the beginning, our ancestors relied on manually-ground herbs to treat their diseases. Alternative medicines are not entirely useless, and the medical industry should also acknowledge the fact that people do not have to take Xanax every time they feel a headache.

Nevertheless, not all alternative medicines you find online are as beneficial as they claim. Fake products will not only steal your money but also harm your body if consumed. Here are three remedies that truly work to improve your health.

Marijuana Oil

cannabis sativa plantThe medical industry has conducted extensive research on marijuana since decades ago, but the plant has just been recently legalized by the authority. With our current biotechnology, we have managed to create cannabis that only bears the medical property (with high cannabidiol/CBD and low tetrahydrocannabinol/THC). As a result, cannabis derivative products like hemp oil, gummies, and vape juice are flooding the market. And if you ask if they can treat severe diseases like cancer, glaucoma, and epilepsy, then the answer will be a straight yes.

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Lemon Balm

lemon and mint leavesLemon balm can reduce stress and anxiety, boost memory, improve sleep, and treat digestion problems. An article published in 2003 by Neuropsychopharmacology stated that lemon balm could significantly extend a person’s capacity to focus. People who use it the night before facing an exam, job interview, or business presentation were proven to perform much better than those who didn’t.

Another study in 2002 published by the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found out that intense exposure to the lemon aroma can treat patients with dementia. In 2003, an article from the Journal Neurology stated the same substance could also be used to treat Alzheimer patients. Therefore, lemon balm seems to be an effective homeopathy medicine that possesses significant benefits to our mind.

Tomato Soup

a bowl of tomato soupTomato soup is not just soup but also a remedy. Tomato contains high vitamin c which serves as a booster to our immune system. The fiber in the vegetable also improves digestion problems. This soup is known as a cure for common cold alongside the chicken soup.

The antioxidant of tomatoes, which is also called as lycopene, helps our body to fight free radicals. Eating tomatoes is a habit that will save you from heart disease and cancers. Besides, this vegetable is a good source of other beneficial substances like potassium, folate, and vitamin K. Therefore, the next time you feel unwell, you should try eating tomato soup first and see if your condition improves.…