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A Buying Guide for Push Mowers

Push mowers are landscaping equipments that are used in trimming lawns. They are also referred to as walk-behind mowers. You can use these machines on medium-sized to small lawns. There are different types and models of push mowers on the current market.  Homeowners can choose the best mower by reading online reviews such as this article: Best Push Mowers For Various Needs – Guide To Picking The Right One. This post is going to guide in choosing the best push mower for your landscaping needs.

Main Types of Walk-Behind Mowers

The size of the lawn should always be considered when choosing a mower. It is also important to consider the obstructions and slopes when buying a new machine. Riding mowers are ideal for those people who have big lawns that exceed half acres. The following are the main types of machines that you need to consider.

Electric switch Mowers

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These machines are practical for small, flat lawns. A switch is used for turning on the machine. It is known for giving cleaner resists, and it is quieter as compared to the gas-powered model. You can either have a cordless or corded eclectic model. The modern cordless electric devices have rechargeable batteries the charging time depends on the charge and the battery. Corded electric models are not rechargeable. This means that they have a limited mowing area.

Reel Mowers

These machines are designed for flat and small lawns. Reel mowers come with small cutting widths that require more effort and time. It does not require power cords, batteries or gasoline. It is a quiet machine that does not generate emissions. It is not perfect for cutting tall grass.

Gas Powered Mowers

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These devices are designed or cutting grass in big lawns of about half acre. A cord is pulled to start this machine. The good thing about it is that it has no constraints on the battery charge or power cord. They are more powerful as compared to electric models. Self-propelled devices are designed for hilly, big lawns. You can either use an all-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. The RWD models are suited for hilly terrain. AWD model is perfect for both hill and flat lawns. The FWD is meant for flat areas.

Homeowners are advised to choose models that can cut or trim grass smoothly. Apart from determining the size of the lawn, it is important to know some other details like grass density. This is one of the crucial factors that which can help you in determining the rotation and size of the mower’s blade. The purchasing decision depends on one’s goal and the amount of money budgeted for the mower. Some wooden benches are added to the yard to give it an attractive look.…