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Three Smart Dating Tips for Men to Step Your Game Up

We all want to appear attractive to the ones we desire. However, the bad news is that peacocking is more complicated than rocket science, especially to those who are born as an average joe. Men like you need to be smart, clever, and reactive to step your game up.

Here is how you can get a date in three steps.

Get Science to Back You Up

a bottle of colognePheromone is the chemical substance responsible for romance in all known sexual species. It is a means of communication used by animals to notify their potential mates that they are ready for mating. We once thought that only animals use such method because we, humans, love to brag about how we are gifted with free-will.

Scientists have always been curious about such a phenomenon, and they once devised an experiment, named, “Sweaty T-Shirt Studies.” As the name may have suggested, the studies are about how body odor creates an impression that may lead a person to fall in love.

In your case, you can use such data to buy pheromone body colognes. The best one is the Pherazone. It is FDA-approved, and it lasts up to 8 hours. For further info, you can read pherazone review on Pheromone Authority. The other options are PhermaLabs Pheromones Cologne Oil for Men, Healthy Attraction Pheromone Oil Infused Cologne for Men, and PherX Pheromone Cologne for Men.

Be a Gentleman

a dating coupleThis one is quite abstract because no one can explicitly define what a gentleman is. However, being a gentleman starts with empathy. You shall not approach a woman in the way that you find it cringy and awkward. In fact, your approach must not degrade a woman’s dignity. Treat your woman like you want to be treated, and that attitude can be a good start.

After you exercise your empathy, you should learn about women’s subtle signs. You should notice small gestures. For instance, when a woman is letting her hair down, it may be a sign that she welcomes you. On the other hand, when a woman seems to find an excuse to cut a conversation with you, then it is a cue that she is not into you. Whatever happens, you should not force your way and make the woman uncomfortable.

Update Your Style and Mind

possibly a first dateBeing fashionable and smart should go hand in hand. During the first date, usually, a woman will evaluate if you and her share the same vibe and enthusiasm toward various topics. The most common ones are TV shows, books, movies, music, autos, cuisines, beverages, and fashion. However, there are also women who like to discuss unlikely topics, such as politics, history, and science. It is better if you profile her first before the first date.

Also, you do not need to match your style with what you think most women want. Such an illusion will make you appear as a man who has no originality. In fact, many women find authenticity as admirable.