Setting up a platform for speakers and presenters may seem simple, but it determines the success of speech. The success of a day is determined by accessibility, lighting, size and right choices of microphones and lecterns. For an event to be perfect, it calls for efforts on the part of managers. Below are tips that will assist you in creating maximum impact on the audience.

Ensuring the audio is clear and loud

In any event, quality sound is very important. It ensures the audience gets the right message. It also ensures an audience is optimistic about any event. Throughout the venue, ensure sound distribution is effective. In every corner of the room, placing one speaker is essential. In an event with a capacity of 200 people, ensure you have four speakers for even distribution of

Using appropriate lighting

Light placed on stage should be at various heights. The lighting should favour individual of every height which is going to stand on stage. Though it looks obvious, stage lighting is often forgotten and underestimated. Stage lighting is important in photo taking, video graphing and making the event lively. The console will be very useful in helping you control entire room lighting. One speaker profile light will not be enough as some people go around during speech delivery. There should be at least two lights in addition to house lights being on.

Choosing the correct height

Before choosing the right stage elevation, being aware of the audience line of sight is important. In case 200 audiences are going to present; choosing an elevation of 1 and a half feet above the ground is perfect. Consider the total clear view available. Depending on audience total, stage height can be raised up to 5 feet.

Selecting microphones basing on speakers

Before a speaker comes on stage, test a microphone to be aware of how good it is. Ensure a speaker will be comfortable during speech delivery. There are two kinds of speakers. Some are static on stage while others move around making communication effective. Ensure you are prepared for any speaker. For the sake of question-answer session, you should be prepared with cordless microphones, lectern microphones, and lapel microphones. After every presentation, your event crew must be ready so that you can pass the microphones to whoever requires it.microphone

Branding the lectern

For any stage presentation, the lectern is the most basic staging need. Ensure the branding does not have much information. The logo and the central colour is enough for one to set the stage.